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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Notary Public or ‘notary’ based in Dorset and covering Hampshire, Wiltshire and neighbouring counties of Southern England. If there is anything else not covered here, please do contact me.

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Notary Public FAQs

One of the many roles of the Notary Public is to check and verify the facts in a document that is required by someone or somebody in a foreign jurisdiction.

Due to the scope and complexity of the work it is not possible to give a complete list of instances when a Notary Public is required.  You are quite likely to be informed by the recipient in the foreign jurisdiction of what is required.  It is therefore helpful for me to see not only the relevant document that need to be notarised but also any instructions or guidance you have received from the recipient in the foreign jurisdiction. 

I will agree with you either a fixed price or explain how I will charge before I start work.  Invariable some notarisations will be more complex and demanding and my terms of business sets out further details.

My time is charged on an hourly basis of £250 per hour, I am not VAT registered so I will not charge VAT.  I charge a minimum fee of £100 which covers 20 minutes of my time and the associated time for record keeping and other regulatory requirements. 

I will be able to provide you with an estimate once you have provided me with copies of the relevant document and instructions.

Payment will usually be due at the point of presentation of my invoice (usually at the meeting) by cash, cheque or by card. Notarised documents will not normally be released until all fees and disbursements have been paid in full. 

In case I have to instruct third parties on your behalf, such as obtaining an apostille, you will be invoiced on completion, although I reserve the right to request a payment on account for costs.  

Cheques should be made payable to Arg Notary Limited.

I can see you at my office, but if you require me to attend at your premises, I reserve the right to charge you for my time spent on travel as well as reasonable travel costs.  I can agree these costs with you prior to our meeting.

Most of the time I will need to see you in person so that I can identify you.  This is usually required as part of the notarisation process as well as my regulatory requirements.  You should schedule about 20 – 30 minutes for an appointment.  Matters will proceed more smoothly if you have provided me with as much information, including copies of the instructions and the actual document or work that needs to be notarised, prior to the meeting.  

For the meeting itself I will need to identify you so you will need to bring with you proof of your identity and address.  You may also need to bring with you confirmation or evidence of your authority to act.  I will provide guidance on request or on a case by case basis.

I work out of my office in Holt, Near Wimborne in Dorset, and we can meet there by appointment. By agreement we can also arrange a meeting at another location. My Location >

In some cases this may be exactly what is required.  In those situations a Commissioner for Oaths may also be able to assist.  Whilst as a solicitor I am also a Commissioner for Oaths, my role as Notary Public is more than witnessing a signature.

A Notary Public is a specialist in cross border legal matters and it is what the signature and seal of office stands for that is required by foreign jurisdictions.

I will always need to satisfy myself of the contents of a document that needs to be notarised.  I can deal with documents in German and Dutch directly but I may need to have a document translated by an official legal translator who may also have to certify that they have produced a true translation.

In certain circumstances I may be satisfied to sign and fix my seal on a document in a foreign language if I am satisfied that you are conversant with the language and that you understand the document.