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Translations of Foreign Legal Documents

If you need to complete a transaction overseas it’s very important to understand what you’re signing. When I help with any legal documents in a foreign language, we may need to use extra translation services.

Translation for Legal Documents

I will always need to satisfy myself of the contents of a document that needs to be notarised. I can deal with documents in German and Dutch directly but I may need to have a document translated by an official legal translator who may also have to certify that they have produced a true translation.

In certain circumstances I may be satisfied to sign and fix my seal on a document in a foreign language if I am satisfied that you are conversant with the language and that you understand the document.


If I am not able to understand your language and specific requirements, we may need to engage and pay for a competent interpreter at an additional fee.

Please do get in touch to discuss how I can help you with you or your company’s overseas transactions.

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